There are several ways to integrate Leap's browser extension into your Cosmos dapp:
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    Integrating Leap to a dapp with an existing Keplr integration: If your dapp already supports Keplr, you can add Leap as an additional wallet easily since we've followed a similar API structure. Add Leap to existing Keplr integration
  2. 2.
    Using the Cosmos Kit Modal: The Cosmos Kit modal is a pre-built modal that can be easily integrated into your dapp, providing a simple and user-friendly interface for connecting to Leap. Use Cosmos Kit Modal
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    Adding Leap to a new dapp: If your dapp does not currently use Keplr or the Cosmos Kit modal, you can add Leap as a standalone wallet. This can be done by using some simple APIs that we have detailed here Add Leap to a new dapp
There are a few additional methods that developers of Secret Network dapps will need when integrating Leap into their dapp. These are detailed here -
Feel free to share any feedback or questions you have regarding the implementation (TG or, and our engineering team will get back to you with answers right away!