We have released v1.0.0 of Elements with an improved UX and developer API. We recommend you to use v1.x. Here's the migration guide for v0.x users.

Why did we build Elements SDK?

Users often find it challenging to manage their assets and liquidity across various dApps and chains due to the complexities of inter-blockchain communication (IBC) transfers, bridging, swaps, and fiat on-ramps.

These issues can lead to a disjointed and inconsistent user experience, affecting conversion rates.

How can Elements SDK help?

By integrating the Leap Elements SDK, developers can enable their users to move their tokens or get new tokens right from their dApp. Here's some benefits of using the Elements SDK -

  • Deliver a consistent user experience.

  • Easily customise the components to match your dApp's style.

  • Increase user activity and conversion rates on your dApp.

You're in good company 🤝🏻

The most popular dApps are using leap elements to make their users lives easier!

Read more about it.

Features ✨

We offer multiple way for your users to manage their tokens, let's take a look:

Token Transfers and Interchain Swaps (Powered by Skip)

Users on dApps can seamlessly perform token transfers across chains and swaps across tokens in one click, including IBC unwinding. By integrating Elements into their dApps, developers can deliver a native solution to liquidity management across many Cosmos Chains and Tokens. To deliver this capability, we have partnered with Skip.

Fiat On-Ramp (Powered by Kado)

The journey for a new user on any dApp just go easier. By partnering with Kado, we built a On-Ramp solution straight into our Elements Modal. Users can now On-Ramp from Fiat onto the many Cosmos tokens in less than 5 minutes. While Kado handles the KYC, dApps can focus on customising the UI to integrate the On-Ramp experience natively.

Cross Chain Swaps (Powered by Squid)

dApps can now enable their users to swap their EVM tokens for Cosmos tokens in one click. Powered by Squid, this feature allows dApp users to tap into cross-chain liquidity easily. dApps can now scale their products to anyone in Web3.

Bridge USDC (Powered by CCTP)

Enable your users to bridge their USD Coins on Ethereum directly to Noble. Powered by the cutting-edge Cross Chain Transfer Protocol, this feature provides a seamless experience to your users.

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