Connect to Compass

This is a document to help you add support for Compass Wallet on your Sei dapp

This documentation is intended to help you integrate Compass Wallet into your Sei Dapps.

Install Compass Wallet :

There are three main ways to go about integrating Compass depending on your current wallet integration state:

Connect to Leap already present

In case you already have Connect to Leap integrated on your dapp, you can add support for Compass Wallet by replicating what you exactly did for Leap.

Similar to Leap, you can find an object named 'compass' in the window object, which can be accessed using window.compass

All the methods and interfaces remain exactly the same. You can refer Leap's API Reference

Cosmos Kit Adapter

If you already have Cosmos Kit integrated on your dapp, to connect to Compass using cosmos kit add the @cosmoskit/compass package and voila!

Link to Cosmos Kit :

Sei Wallet Adapter

You can also use the Sei Wallet Adapter that also has support for Compass Wallet. It is built by the Sei team. You can integrate the package from here :

One common issue we have seen on Sei dapps is transactions not happening for Ledger users. We recommend using getOfflineSignerAuto method rather than getOfflineSigner. Let us know in case you require help testing Ledger transactions out

Additionally, Compass Mobile Wallet (both iOS and Android) will be coming out soon as well with Wallet Connect v2 supported

Compass Brand Kit :

We hope this information helps you integrate Compass into your Sei Dapp. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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