Integrating Snaps

There are several ways to integrate Leap's Metamask Snaps into your dApp:

Integrate using Wallet Adpapter

If your dApp already uses a wallet adapter to integrate with Cosmos wallets like Leap or Keplr, you can extend this existing integration to include Metamask. This is the simplest approach, as it offers a consistent interface for accessing all wallet methods and requires minimal changes on your end.

  • Integrate using Cosmos Kit

  • Integrate using Graz

  • Integrate using Shuttle - Coming Soon

Integrate Directly

If your dApp has its own native wallet management system, there are two routes for direct integration:

  • If you are an existing Cosmos developer comfortable with using CosmJS and the Stargate signing client, we have developed a wallet provider to facilitate seamless integration. Details are available here.

  • If you prefer using Metamask's native provider (window.ethereum) to access relevant Cosmos methods, please follow the steps here.

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