Supported RPC methods

a list of JSON-RPC API methods supported by Compass

  • eth_chainId

  • eth_accounts

  • wallet_requestPermissions

  • eth_requestAccounts

  • eth_sendTransaction

  • personal_sign

  • eth_sign

  • eth_signTypedData_v4

  • wallet_watchAsset

  • eth_call

  • eth_blockNumber

  • eth_getTransactionReceipt

  • wallet_switchEthereumChain

  • eth_getTransactionByHash

  • eth_estimateGas

  • wallet_revokePermissions

Please see the Ethereum wiki or Sei V2 docs to explore more.

Sei EVM changes are live on atlantic-2 and arctic-1, so you can use the method wallet_switchEthereumChain to switch the chain on which you want the user to do the transactions. Reference -

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