At Leap, we're committed to supporting as many Cosmos ecosystem blockchains as possible. Today we support close to 50 chains natively and we're continuously expanding our support to include new chains, which includes integration into our browser extension, mobile apps and dashboard.

Native Integration

To get your Cosmos chain integrated into Leap products, pls contact us at After a technical evaluation from our team, we can add it to our upcoming product roadmaps.

We typically first integrate your chain with our extension, and then with our mobile apps and dashboard. Additionally, we can add mobile push notifications for your chain events.

For testnets, we support including a faucet within the wallet to make it easier for users to receive testnet tokens.

In terms of requirements from your sides, if your chain is listed on, that should typically provide us with most of the info required

Adding Chains to Leap Prior to Native Integration

Even before we integrate your chain natively, your users can start using it on Leap through our custom chain support, available across all our products. There are three distinct methods to achieve this:

Chain Addition via Leap Chain Store:

If your chain has been included in the Leap Chain Registry, users can seamlessly add your chain to their Leap wallet through the Chain Store dashboard. This works on both the browser extension as well as mobile apps.

If your chain is already listed in the Cosmos Chain Registry, share the details with our team and we'll get it added to the Leap Registry. If it's not listed yet, you can initiate the process of adding your chain to our registry by raising a PR here

Suggest Chain Addition via Dapp:

Dapps built on your chain can add the chain to a user’s Leap wallet via the 'suggest chain' function. More details here

Manual Chain Addition:

Users can manually input your chain's details into the wallet user interface from the switch chain modal in the Leap wallet and selecting the "Add new chain" option

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