Cosmos Kit

CosmosKit is a wallet adapter for developers to build apps that quickly and easily interact with Cosmos blockchains and wallets

Here is a short brief on how to use Cosmos Kit on your dapp

Cosmos Kit : You can use the cosmos-kit packages, to connect with most popular cosmos wallets (Leap, Keplr, Cosmostation, etc.). This is intended to work both on desktop & mobile.

To connect to Leap using cosmos kit add the @cosmoskit/leap package

Cosmos Kit has integrated with Wallet Connect v2 which is the latest and recommended version by Wallet Connect. This would provide dapps with two features :

  • Desktop Browser - Option for a scan QR pop-up that would work with all the wallets that support Wallet Connect v2 (Leap, Keplr, and Cosmostation all support v2)

  • Mobile Browser - Option for a deep link pop-up that would show all the mobile app wallets

In case, the chain is not natively supported within Leap Wallet, Cosmos Kit also supports Suggest Chain through Leap via which you can add any chain on the Leap extension or the mobile app


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