Connect to Compass

This is a document to help you add support for Compass Wallet on your Sei EVM dApp

You can connect your dApp to users' Compass wallets by detecting Compass in their browsers and connecting to their accounts. Install Compass Wallet:

The wallet uses the EIP-1193 provider spec, so as long as your wallet connector library allows you to inject a wallet, you should not face any issues.

Compass supports EIP-6963, which introduces an alternative wallet detection mechanism to the window.ethereum injected provider. This alternative mechanism enables dapps to support wallet interoperability by discovering multiple injected wallet providers in a user's browser.

You can access the provider API using the selected EIP-6963 provider object.

Connect using RainbowKit

You can add an option for Connect with Compass using RainbowKit. You just have to import the compassWallet wallet.

import { compassWallet } from '@rainbow-me/rainbowkit/compassWallet';

Connect using Wagmi

You can inject the compass provider using Wagmi.

  target: {
    id: "compassWalletProvider",
    name: "Compass Wallet",
    provider: window.compassEvm,

Connect using web3-react

web3-react also has a way to inject a wallet, using that you can inject the compass provider.

import { initializeConnector } from '@web3-react/core';
import { EIP1193 } from '@web3-react/eip1193';

export const [eip1193, hooks] = initializeConnector<EIP1193>(
  (actions) => new EIP1193({ actions, provider: window.compassEvm })

If you are not going forward with using the EIP-6963 provider object, then to enable Compass integration, incorporate window.compassEvm into your dApp's wallet connection mechanism. Compass adheres to the EIP-1193 standard for compatibility.

We hope this information helps you integrate Compass into your Sei EVM dApp. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Compass Brand Kit:

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